Saturday, October 17

Time: 12:00 am – 12:00 am

Do you ever wonder, "Who mows the grass at The Ridge? Who posts all that hilarious stuff on Facebook? Who makes sure there are no (okay, minimal) grammar mistakes in the blog? Who runs the lights, cameras and slides on Sunday?" Get a mirror, because the answer could be "you!" The Ridge has hundreds of volunteer roles that add up to hundreds of hours each week, and it's been that way this entire year, even during a pandemic. We still had volunteers writing, singing, filming, mowing the grass, watering the flowers, getting the mail. We rely heavily on volunteers. We try to say it often, but even if we shouted it from the rooftops, it would not be enough, "Thank you, volunteers!" We want you, we need you, and we love you." Want in on the volunteer action? Complete the form to "say yes" to serving at The Ridge.