In a Nutshell

Problem solver. Planner. Photographer. Camper. Hiker. Father-of-two. Grandfather-of-three. Former business owner. Enjoyer of geography, history, and the great outdoors.

The Full Story

I started attending Berean Bible Church (that would eventually become The Ridge) after I married my high school sweetheart in 1991.

After The Ridge’s move into our new facility on Bonnell Road, the need for extra help and staffing arose around 2014 and I started part-time assisting with the accounting/financial needs.

Later in 2016, I wanted to shift my priorities and be able to spend more time with my family. Around that time, an opportunity opened that allowed me to work full time at The Ridge. My role still includes the accounting/finance arena, but has now expanded to include managing the daily operations of the facility and grounds.

What I Do

During a normal working day, you may find me doing anything from managing facility needs, to working outside on the grounds, to repairing a computer, or processing invoices. I love the variety of different tasks I work on each week and the challenges they present.

Life Before The Ridge

Before The Ridge, I was manager and co-owner of Wischmeier Nursery for 30 years.

Words I Live By

Honesty and integrity.

When I'm Not at Work, I…

enjoy photography, camping, hiking, traveling and spending time with my three grandsons.

Something That May Surprise You

I can be a homebody and am perfectly content to stay at home for days and not go anywhere.which drives my wife nuts.

Let's Keep In Touch

(812)376-8455 ext. 122