In a Nutshell

Money analyzer. Spreadsheet master. Dad-to-four. Grandpa-to-five. Sports enthusiast. Basketball player.

The Full Story

Mike, his wife Tammy, and their family began attending The Ridge in 2002. Mike serves on the financial team at The Ridge and is also an after-service counselor.

Mike is Vice President – Engine Business Finance, at Cummins. He is affectionately referred to as “The Money Guy” by our Lead Pastor, because of his rather unusual enthusiasm for analyzing financial numbers (both at work and at church).

Mike and Tammy have four children and are the very proud grandparents of five grandchildren. When not working or spending time with family, Mike loves sports and finds them to be a great diversion in life. He’s trying to figure out how to continue watching football since Peyton Manning retired. You’ll still find him on the basketball court on Saturday mornings, against the advisement of his wife and orthopedic doctor.

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