May 15, 2018

4 Things I Appreciate about Bob Beeker

(Staff Appreciation Series)

We affectionately call Bob Beeker “The Maintenance Man” at The Ridge. He calls himself that too. His actual title is “Maintenance Technician.” That title WAY undersells Bob’s significance to our church!

Bob has now been on staff at The Ridge for 24 years. Bob has told me several times that when he first started, he wasn’t sure he would last 2 years. We’ve done everything we can to keep Bob around, because of his value.

So much of what Bob does is behind the scenes. Bob is quiet, so he doesn’t like or need to be noticed. Because Bob is so unassuming, you might not realize just how gifted he is until you get to know him.

Here are 4 of the many things I appreciate about Bob.

1.    Bob believes to the core of his being in the DNA of The Ridge. Having been at The Ridge for 24 years, Bob has been along for the ride. He has watched us evolve into a church that will do whatever it takes to reach our community for Christ. Bob not only supports our vision, he owns it. How many churches can say that about their maintenance man! Here’s a little known fact about Bob: when we were transitioning from a more traditional sound musically to the sound of our band today, Bob played bass guitar and was part of our first band!

2.    Bob can fix almost anything. When my boys were little, and I was struggling to fix something at home, they would say to me, “Why don’t you ask Bob?” In their minds, even as little guys, Bob could fix anything. It’s true! Bob has a God-given mechanical aptitude that even surprises his boss, Mike Morrow, at times.

3.    Bob is a man of many talents. As I said, Bob can fix almost anything. He can build almost anything. But he is also artistically inclined. He has a great eye for making things look great (like our stage designs). He edits videos for me for my sermons. He edits the recordings people make for baptisms (that we play in our services). He has a great ear for music. He is one of our Sunday morning sound technicians. If you listen closely when Bob is mixing sound, there is crispness and balance to the sound. 

4.    Bob is a great friend. Many of our staff would say the same thing about Bob. He and I have fun working together. He has a great sense of humor, so we like to laugh. Bob has been known to take a selfie with a “psychotic look,” then send it to me in my office in the middle of the day, just to lighten things up. I like to joke with Bob that most church maintenance men don’t talk to the Lead Pastor like he does to me. But then, they probably don’t have as much fun working together as we do either.

The Ridge is what it is today because people like Bob have been part of the journey. Next time you see Bob, let him know how much he is valued and appreciated!

Whatever it takes,


P.S. I knew Bob when he had short hair!