Our Sunday services have moved online. Join us live at 10am on Sundays. Check out theridge.org/updates for more details, including information for kids and students.

Chris Bell

Student Pastor

Outdoorsy. Husband/Dad. Tennessee Vols fan. Borderline candle-hoarder. Spontaneous. Lover of history.

Jerry Day

Senior Lead Pastor

Structured. Planner. Father-of-three. Sports enthusiast. Passionate about fitness. Driven. Lover of Florida (in the winter). Watermelon fan.

Adam Johnson

Lead Pastor

Strategist. Sports enthusiast. Learning-as-I-go-dad. Pastor’s kid. Recovering perfectionist. Married out of my league. Lover of all things wings, cheese, and meat.

Melanie Klinker

Children's Ministry Director

Mother of three boys. Identical twin. Coffee drinker. Sports watcher. HGTV addict. Recipe experimenter. Lover of sun, salt, and sand.

Mike Morrow

Operations Pastor

Problem solver. Designer. Builder. Craftsman. Behind-the-scenes. Borderline OCD. Follicly challenged. Grandpa-of-four.

Tim Perkins

Executive Pastor

Father-of-two-boys. Closet Lumberjack. Anti-OCD. Husband of a redhead. Camping enthusiast. Beardo.

James Young

Music Pastor

Outdoorsy. Dreamer. Little League coach. Filmmaker. Optimist. Father of three fun, loud, smelly, and lovable boys, and one sweet, little girl.

Bob Beeker

Maintenance Technician

Creative. Thinker. Builder. Fixer. Quiet natured. Computer tinkerer. Auto racing watcher.

Tricia Jones

Administrative Assistant

History buff. Mom-of-two. Introvert. Reader. Hiker. Recipe hunter. Art museum lover.

Ginger Jordan

Administrative Assistant

Mom. Wife. Self-proclaimed efficiency expert. Master organizer. Avid reader. Pinterest-aholic. Beach lover.

Barb Malburg

Administrative Assistant

Reader. Michigan-born-and-raised. Mother-of-two, Mother-in-law to one. Traveler. Movie buff. Wife to Mark.

Becca Malburg

Online Campus Director

Traveler. Trivia Buff. Foodie. Camera carrier. Spreadsheet lover. Fan of pineapple on pizza.

Hannah Simonton

Administrative Assistant

Creative. Lover of anything outside. Hands-on learner. Family-oriented. Traveler. Board game player.

Jerry Wischmeier

Finance & Operations

Problem solver. Photographer. Father-of-two. Former business owner. Enjoyer of geography, history, and the great outdoors.

Garry Clayton


Father of six. Grandpa to seven. Recently retired. Fisherman. Traveler. Camper. Eater. Lover of People.

James Simonton

Elder, Chairman

Father of four. Camping/hiking/National Park enthusiast. Tinkerer. Even-tempered. Music lover.

Brent Engel


Husband. Father to two. Gear head. Builder. Fixer. Ex-farm boy. Lakelife.

David Geraghty


Trusting. Obsessive home designer/remodeler. Carol’s lesser half. Father of two great kids. Mildly extroverted. Can't sit still. Speech impediment (Aussie accent)

Bill Rankin

Husband. Father of 3. Sports and Outdoor Enthusiast. Engineer.

Mark Malburg


Scientist. Nerd. Husband. Dad. Metrologist. Foodie. Traveler. Golfer. Video guy. Not-your-typical-engineer.