Our vision is to do whatever it takes to reach our community for Christ.



We are faith-filled, big thinking, all-in risk takers.

We refuse to insult God with small thinking and safe living because we serve a God who calls us to dream big and live out of our comfort zone.

We believe nothing matters if people don’t matter.

Because we are motivated by God’s love, we will do anything short of sin to introduce people to Jesus. We will use current language and daily life experiences to communicate truth.

We give everything our best shot.

We will always bring our best because excellence honors God, and He gave us His best.

We aren’t perfect, but we will be real.

We believe God has called us to share our faults and weaknesses, and not fake it.

We relentlessly pursue next steps.

We believe we all need to be growing in our relationship with Jesus and in community with each other.

We laugh hard, loud, and often.

Because we have a joyful God, we will value having fun as we lead and serve together.

We are contributors and not consumers.

Because we are called to love others with all we are, we will give all that we’ve got for the world.