August 13, 2018

4 Things I Appreciate about Elaine Powell

(Staff Appreciation Series)

You might not even know Elaine Powell is part of our support staff. Elaine is quiet and prefers to work behind-the-scenes. So you also might not know how important her role is. Elaine has one of those jobs where, if you don’t notice her, she has done her job. But those of us on staff notice what she does and deeply appreciate it!

Elaine ensures the air conditioning (or heat) is at the appropriate level for services, activities, or meetings. Elaine makes sure that when you have a scheduled meeting, the room is unlocked and the lights are on. She’ll probably also check the room to make sure everything is in order. Elaine will even pick up a piece of trash if she sees it lying somewhere. She reports any facility issues she discovers to Mike Morrow, our Operations Pastor, so they can be addressed. And most of this is done on evenings and weekends!

Here are four things I appreciate about Elaine.

1.    Elaine has integrity. Elaine’s job requires integrity. You  can trust her. But beyond that, Elaine has integrity in her life.   

2.    Elaine does not complain. If someone leaves a mess in a room after they are done, Elaine will clean it up…without complaining that it cost her extra time and effort. If someone makes her stay late one evening or later on Sunday to finish her job, you never hear a negative word from Elaine.

3.    Elaine is dependable. To ensure that the facilities are in order for activities, events, and services at our church, it takes someone you can count on to show up and be on time. You can always depend on Elaine.

4.    Elaine (and Burt, her husband) have hearts of compassion. If Burt and Elaine feel they can meet a legitimate need, they will be the first to respond. Just look at how they faithfully did jail and prison ministry for almost 30 years here in Columbus! They do it because they have hearts of compassion and for no other reason. They have “modeled Jesus” to so many people without ever wanting to be noticed or thanked. I’m so proud that they are part of our church!

By the way, if you want to see Elaine smile, just observe her when she is watching a child at The Ridge. Her face lights up around kids.

Next time you get a chance, let her know how much she is valued and appreciated!

Whatever it takes,