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December 17, 2019

Adam's Blog: Christmas Eve at The Ridge

Christmas is one of my favorite times of year. Even though it can be stressful, there is still something special about the anticipation that comes along with remembering Jesus coming down to earth. It’s natural that we have traditions, expectations, and excitement around the parties, gifts, and relationships. These acts of celebration are made richer and gain importance when we remember they are really celebrations of Jesus, and the gift that He is to the entire world. No better place to gather together and remember Jesus than at church on Christmas Eve!
Many people in our community celebrate Christmas, but for different reasons. They have the parties, gifts, and relationships, but without the anticipation of Jesus. I would love for every person in our community to have a place they come together and can celebrate. The reality is, invitation is still the number one reason someone attends a church for the first time. And, especially on Christmas Eve, people don’t want to be alone or go to church alone. As we get closer to celebrating Christmas together, let’s commit to asking one person to join us.
If you’re wondering how to go about inviting at Christmastime, here are a few suggestions:
1. Share on social media.
Check out The Ridge Facebook event. You can use that event to invite people to Christmas Eve and engage those in your sphere of influence online. You can even share the event on your own page, mentioning that you’re going to go to church and requesting that others join you. There are always people looking (whether they mention it or not) for somewhere to belong on Christmas Eve, and The Ridge is a great place to be!
2. Pass out Invite Cards.
One of the things I love about Christmas is people seem to be more open to conversation. I enjoy talking to people at a store or in line for a movie, just spreading holiday cheer. If you find yourself wishing someone, even a stranger, a Merry Christmas, remember you can also invite them to church. If you didn’t get an invite card on Sunday, we’ll have invite cards available again this Sunday at the Connections Desk for you to hand to people you come into contact with.
3. Ask.
This past September we worked through a series called “Share,” talking about sharing your lives with other people and inviting them into yours (and to church)! Is there someone you know who doesn’t have anywhere to go on Christmas Eve? Could it be awkward to ask? You bet! Could they say no? Yeah. Is it worth the risk? Definitely.
The Ridge is offering two identical Christmas Eve services at 4:00pm and 5:30pm. Hope to see you there!