October 12, 2021

Adam's Blog: Five Things I Appreciate About Mike Morrow

I remember when I met Mike. He was wearing a hat, had on khaki shorts, and was sitting in the room when I was being interviewed. When I started here at The Ridge, I had the extreme fortune of sharing an office wall with Mike, which ended up being one of the best things that could have happened because I found that he and I were kindred spirits and thoroughly enjoyed working with each other. Through working with him the last 7+ years, I’ve had the real honor of seeing him do his thing with such excellence. 

Mike transitioned from his full-time role at The Ridge this past April. He has been on staff for 30+ years, and has led in all sorts of different avenues. I always enjoyed when Mike would mention leading student ministry or leading our groups ministry. He’s done it all! When Mike decided to retire, he also agreed to stay on our team in an advisory role. I’m grateful, and I’m looking forward to continuing to work with him. 

When it comes to Mike, to celebrate his new role and retirement, here are five things that I appreciate about him: 

1. He is trustworthy. Mike has this ability to see long-range, but also see how that might impact things in the short term. He adds this perspective to our planning and conversations, and I know Jerry trusted and valued Mike’s opinion, and I do, too. It’s not easy to be in the staff roles that Mike has been in (mostly behind the scenes), but I have full confidence that he has impacted you whether you know it or not. Through budgets, buildings, grounds, or Inside/Out, I trust him and what God has done in and through him.

2. He is honest. I love how direct Mike is in a meeting. Most of the time his honesty can make me laugh, mostly because he says exactly what I might be thinking. He just has the guts to say it out loud! His honesty, though, comes along with this integrity that he cares for people and wants what is best for people. Therefore, he tells the truth, even if it’s a hard truth to handle. I love that about him.

3. He cares deeply. I’ve seen Mike tear up multiple times, and almost all of those times were in relation to someone coming to know and follow Jesus. God used this church to change Mike’s life, and I believe that God used Mike and his love for people to change lives, too. When talking about those people, the feelings Mike expresses are an overflow of how much he cares. It’s inspiring to me, and I hope to have the same attitude when I retire.
4. He is an example in longevity in ministry. Seeing him love his family, navigate work/life rhythms, still get things done with excellence, and do it all with integrity for 30+ years should be inspiring. As you might imagine, there are a lot of highs and lows in 30 years of doing anything. Mike hung in there, but didn’t just survive. He thrived, and I believe people have been changed because of God working through Mike. Well done, friend.

5. He is a “whatever-it-takes” type of guy. Mike embodies our church vision and values. He is a huge contributor to what The Ridge is all about. He lives in faith, he thinks big, his laugh is contagious, he cares about people, he gives things his best, he looks to take next steps in his relationship with Jesus. The list could go on and on. He will do whatever it takes to reach our community for Christ. I think we can all thank Mike for the example he has set, and the culture he has been a part of cultivating.

Mike has also been one of the biggest ways God has encouraged me this past 7 years, and I’m grateful. I am honored to be able to call Mike a friend. Will you join me in thanking Mike and his wife, Lou, for their sacrifice and service over the years?

You're Invited!
We're celebrating Mike and Lou Morrow, Sunday, October 24, immediately following 2nd service. Light snacks will be provided.