March 23, 2021

Becca's Blog: Twenty/Twenty (One) Vision

Around 2010-ish, I remember hearing about our city’s big plans for everything they were going to do to improve the city in the next ten years (so by 2020). If I remember correctly, they referred to it as “20/20 Vision,” and I thought that was the funniest play on words I’d ever heard. Little did I know that the city wasn’t the only one to play on the phrase, and that tons of businesses/organizations/cities/etc. would use that phrase to talk about everything they had planned for 2020. Even little-er did I know that everyone’s big “20/20 Vision” plans, that they’d been working on for years, would be derailed by a global pandemic. Funny how plans work out sometimes…

The good news for us here at The Ridge was God knew a derailed 2020 actually meant a new and improved outlook on our vision, and exciting new plans for 2021. If you’ve been around The Ridge for a minute, you’ve probably heard us talk about our vision, which is to do whatever it takes to reach our community for Christ. When 2020 started, we thought that “our community” represented Columbus, Indiana, maybe all of Bartholomew County, maybe a little further. When 2021 started, we knew that “our community” now reached far beyond just our physical community, into a whole world of online community as well. 

So what changed between the start of last year and the start of this year? Okay, besides Covid – that’s the obvious answer (though we can’t entirely ignore that Covid played a part). Well, online streaming happened. Online relationships happened. Online groups happened. We discovered that we had a whole community online that needed to be reached for Christ just as much as our in-person community, and we were going to do “whatever it takes” to reach them, too. Even now that we’ve regathered for in-person services, we still have 100+ people who join us online each week. We’ve even had several Ridgers get baptized who had never stepped foot in our building until they were baptized – how cool is that?! 

This Sunday, we’re having what we call a Vision Sunday at The Ridge. We’re going to be talking about how you can invite your friends/family/neighbors/etc. to join us for Easter, and what’s coming to The Ridge on Easter and beyond. We’ve got some exciting plans that we’re sharing with you this Sunday, all of which will help us all do whatever it takes to reach our community, our friends, our family for Christ. So forget 20/20 vision – 20/21 vision is where it’s at. 

Whatever it takes,