May 20, 2019

From the Blog: Kidventure Camp

Summer is fast approaching. The warmer weather has me anticipating days by the pool, evenings dining outside, and walks with my dogs. Some of my fondest summer memories (both as an adult and a kid) are summer camp experiences  In fact, for several summers I took a small group of kids to camp and it was always the highlight of my summer, because it gave me a chance to hang out with kids and leaders and get to know them better.  

A few years ago, I took a high school student with me as a leader. The elementary boys loved hanging out with him, playing ball, going to the pool, spending time in small group. It was cool to see them connect in that way. And this leader is still friends with one of the boys from that group. He reaches out to him when he’s home from college, hangs out with him, and takes him out to eat.

This story excites me, because it’s just one example of the ways we were able to step into the kids’ worlds and build relationships with them through summer camp. That’s why I love camp so much. And that’s why we do it here: to make this kind of experience available to more kids in our church and community. 

We all know that summers are busy and summers are short. We all value that time to vacation, relax, and spend more time with our kids. So why do we take a week out of our summer to offer Kidventure Camp? It allows us an opportunity to invest in the lives of kids at a deeper level than we can on Sunday mornings. Don’t get me wrong, Sunday mornings at The Ridge are great! But the truth is, we can only do so much during that one hour. By spending a week with your kids, for over 3 hours every day, we can make more messes, play more games, pray together, learn together, and be present in their lives to let them know we care and that they matter to God and to us.  

So, if you have kids that will be in 1st-5th grade this fall, sign them up for Kidventure Camp. Have them invite their friends outside The Ridge to sign up too! It’s going to be a great week of fun, friendship, games, and learning. We want kids to come away from camp knowing Who God is and what it means to follow Him. I’m convinced that will be the most important thing they learn all summer!

We all either have kids, know kids, or have the potential to make an impact in the lives of kids! So, invite a kid to camp. And check out ways you can help before or during camp. If you have a high school student, encourage them to reach out and be an influence to those younger kids at camp who look up to them.

We need your help to make this possible. If you’re crafty, like to build things, or decorate, we have ways you can help us prepare for camp. Maybe you’re a kid at heart and like to play games, sing songs, act goofy, make messes, or experiment with things. Sign up to help and hang out with awesome kids at camp!  

Kidventure Camp is a super fun way to get connected, to make a difference in the lives of kids, and to get to know other adults and teens at The Ridge as you work together as a team to make a greater impact! (And, spoiler alert, the leaders have as much fun as the kids!) Help us make this the BEST week of their summer!

Whatever it takes,



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