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October 13, 2020

Jerry's Blog: 5 Things I Appreciate About Hannah Simonton

When I read about Hannah in 1 Samuel 1, I tend to think of “our” Hannah at The Ridge. I see deep faith and conviction in both of them!
She’s quiet and doesn’t mind staying in the background, but once you get to know her, you can’t help but notice and admire many outstanding characteristics in Hannah Simonton.
Hannah is an administrative assistant at The Ridge. But she’s far more than that. Here are five of the many things we appreciate about Hannah at The Ridge.

  1. She is quiet. I’ve learned a lot about quiet people since I married one. Quiet people are good listeners. Quiet people are very observant. Said one coworker of Hannah, “She has an accurate opinion of almost everything.” Quiet people think before they speak. (Proverbs talks about the wisdom of that!) Many quiet people have a “depth” to them that you often don’t see until you get to know them well. That’s Hannah.
  1. She is hardworking. If she has a job to do, she gets it done. If you assign Hannah a task, consider it done - as well, if not better than you asked. Another coworker said, “She is willing to do whatever it takes.” Look up the word reliable or dependable in the dictionary, and you’ll see Hannah’s picture.
  1. She is the ultimate helper. Ask anyone who works with Hannah, and one of the first things you will hear is that, if you need help, Hannah is there for you. She not only helps, but she will figure out additional ways to help you. Her attention to detail and organization are huge assets to the pastors she supports administratively. She helps without seeking attention.
  1. She loves kids. Want to see Hannah smile? Watch her with a little child. Kids gravitate to Hannah because of her kind, gentle, loving approach with them.
  1. She is a person of deep conviction. Hannah is loyal and faithful. If she knows something is right, you won’t change her mind. I love that about her! She knows what she believes, and lives it.

Hannah is deeply respected by the staff at The Ridge. When I asked about Hannah, I heard comments like, “I just love working with Hannah. She inspires me to be better.” And, “She is a good example of being strong and confident without being overbearing and prideful.”

Yep, there’s a lot of depth there! Oh, and by the way, the name “Hannah” in Hebrew means “grace, favor, gift.” She is a gift to The Ridge.
If you get a chance, let Hannah know how much you appreciate her, too.
Whatever it takes,