August 27, 2019

Josh's Blog: Wet Cement

My kids love babysitters. A lot. When a babysitter comes over my kids get so excited that they start to not-so-subtly let me and my wife know that we can leave now…that we’re no longer needed at home. They love having someone new come over and get into their world. They feel special because the babysitters give them focused attention, teach them new things, play with them and read them lots and lots of books. We’ve had some great babysitters that have made a real impact on my kids. Even though my wife and I do all of the same things the babysitters do with our kids, there’s just something a little different and special when other people care about them and invest in them.


That’s why Children’s Ministry matters so much. Because there’s just something a little different and special when other people come alongside children to love, encourage, support, care for and teach them. It fills up their little tanks in a unique way.


Think of kids like wet cement. No, not because they’re a weird mix of different things that can be hard to work with and stain your clothes (although that is true).  Kids are like wet cement because if you interact with them, you are going to leave an impression. It can be a good impression or a bad impression. But that impression can stay for a long time. And while that may sound a little intimidating, it should actually be very exciting! Because it means that investing in a child can be a positive experience that sticks with them for years and years. 


If you’re looking for a place to get involved here at The Ridge, think about the Children’s Ministry. We need people willing to hold babies, wipe snotty noses, play duck-duck-goose and show these children what it means to know God in a real and personal way. It’s an incredible opportunity! You could be the person that inspires them to help others. You could be the person that helps them understand more about what it means to trust Jesus, or you could be the person that helps them feel valued when they’ve had a really hard day. Consider being a part of the Children’s Ministry (or consider babysitting my kids. Just be prepared to do a lot of reading).