January 21, 2019

Meet Tim Perkins, Our New Connections Pastor!

It’s with excitement that I am privileged to introduce you to our new Connections Pastor! Over the next few months, Adam Johnson, our current Connections Pastor, will be transitioning this role to Tim Perkins. After that, I will begin transitioning the Lead Pastor role to Adam.

Almost every time I’ve talked to staff or leaders here at the church about Tim becoming our next Connections Pastor, the response has been, “He would be fantastic in that role.” I agree!

Tim and Vicki (they have 2 boys, Reagan and Rylan) have attended the church for 20 years. As I have observed and served with Tim over the years, it became very clear to me (and to others) that his heart is in ministry. Tim has served in many different ministries, so he understands ministry at The Ridge so well. In addition, he was already volunteering in every area that encompasses the role of Connections Pastor!

Tim has a remarkable story of how God led him to this point in life transition to a full-time ministry role. God could not have made it more clear to Tim and to our leadership team that he is the right person at the right time!

We want you to know Tim better, so I had the opportunity to sit down with him and ask him a few questions. As you will see, Tim also has a sense of humor.

Do you ever see yourself shaving the beard?

Do you ever see health and fitness not being a priority in your life?

Ah…no. Favorite movie, place, and food?

Movie: A Few Good Men. Place: Anything outdoors. Food: Not one specific food. 

How about a food group then?


What are a few fun facts about you?

I was in the circus.  


My hometown, Peru, Indiana, holds the title of “Circus City Capital of the World.” They do an amateur circus every summer. All kids in Peru are involved with the circus at some point in their lives.

What was your role?

I did an acrobatic act with a partner. I did Roman ladders (you can google it if you don’t know what it is). I also was great at high-wire 2 feet off the ground, but not so much at 20 feet. So that career was short-lived.

If your wife, Vicki, were to describe you in a sentence or two, what would she say?

Vicki says she loves me for my quick wit, trustworthiness, and my compassion for others. But let’s be honest, even if I’m wrong about that, I’m positive my beard and passion for flannel are more than enough.

Why The Ridge? 

The short answer is that this is my church. The vision and drive we have as a church for doing whatever it takes to reach our community for Christ aligns with who I am and what I’m passionate about.

Why are you passionate about connections? 

I believe that healthy community (connecting with God and others) is central to God’s design for the church. I love to see people take their next steps in their relationship with God and others. I have my own story of how God has used the church to impact me in significant ways when I have struggled, and because of that, I believe God wants me to use my journey to make a difference. Some of my deepest relationships in life are here at The Ridge, and I want to see others experience that too.

Welcome aboard, Tim. We look forward to seeing God how will use you! 

Whatever it takes,