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November 24, 2020

Tim's Blog: Giving Thanks - Hindsight is 2020 in 2020

Either you are thinking there isn't much to be thankful for this year or the page has turned and this difficult year has heightened your awareness of the things you appreciate. 

Maybe for you, that thought changes day by day. I think that's where I am. Sometimes it just depends on the circumstances of the day. A day fed with nothing except the thoughts of all those I know who are sick with Covid or those who lost their job, or had their hours cut. Thoughts of those who missed out on a major life event because of Covid restrictions, things like birthdays, weddings, funerals, and graduations. All of these thoughts and more can send me into a tailspin of really hating 2020 and the damage left in the wake of a year filled with such turmoil. 

But this week is Thanksgiving, so how do I get to the thankful side of all of this? For me it comes down to my faith. I know that can sound oversimplified, but stay with me for another minute. I ask myself if 2019, or 2018, or any of the past 20 years were perfect in my life. If you were wondering, my answer is, "No, no they weren't.” So, I ask myself, how in the world did I make it all the way to 2020 if those years all had their own challenges? 

You know, they say hindsight is 2020. Hey, how ironic is that? Can 2020, the year, help us achieve 2020 vision and see more clearly the things we are thankful for? Faith in God's faithfulness is my response to 2020. Faith grows by looking back on what God has done and has promised to do. Faith is the source of hope, and thankfulness is the fruit that hope produces.

1 Thessalonians 5:18 says, “Be thankful in all circumstances.”

Below are a couple of questions that can help me see God's faithfulness and thus direct me toward thankfulness in all circumstances.

What unexpected positive outcomes have I seen recently?

What did I see or hear of that made a positive difference in someone’s life recently?

Who showed God's love to me today?

Who did I show God's love to today?

I will admit that some days it's harder to find the answers to these questions. I have learned, however, that when I look for the answers or when, in the instance of the last question, I take action, that is when I see God at work. When I see God at work, I know He is in control and that He has a plan. When I recognize that...I can be thankful.

Whatever it takes,