October 22, 2019

Tim's Blog: Mmmmm...Coffee

One of my favorite things on a Sunday morning at The Ridge is a great cup of coffee! I either get one early in the morning on my way into the church or at the café once the coffee is set out. Do you know why that is one of my favorite things?  
“No, Tim. I don’t know why it's one of your favorite things on Sunday mornings, but I suspect you are going to blog about it.”
Coffee on Sunday mornings is a time when I pause for a few moments. Often in those still moments I see the litany of volunteers who are doing whatever it takes to make a Sunday morning happen at The Ridge. Not just “doing” what they have volunteered to do, but doing it with a smile. Doing it because they get it: they see how their task, their piece of the puzzle, fits into the big picture of why we do what we do around here. If you are a volunteer and you don’t believe what you do matters, let me tell you, it does. What you do does matter! 
Without you… 

  • we wouldn’t have great looking landscaping
  • parking would be a nightmare
  • people wouldn’t feel welcome as they walked through the doors
  • checking kids into Ridge Kids and Little Ridge Kids would be chaos
  • we wouldn’t have a safe environment and medical support
  • people wouldn’t have someone to help them find a seat
  • guests wouldn’t get a gift and be able to have their questions answered
  • people wouldn't have a place to ask about their next steps and church events
  • people wouldn't have someone to come forward to talk with after a message

Without you…

  • our kids wouldn't have group leaders and teachers
  • our littlest kids wouldn’t have someone to rock them when they are sad
  • we wouldn’t have incredible kids’ programing
  • our adults wouldn’t have amazing music to worship with
  • the sound, lights, camera, and slides wouldn’t happen

Without you…

  • we wouldn’t have coffee! 

Very little happens around The Ridge that doesn’t involve the effort of a volunteer doing whatever it takes. Whether or not where you serve was listed above, I want you to know that what you do fits a missing piece. Without it, that piece would be missing – you would be missing.
So next week, grab a cup of coffee with me, pause, and look at all that God is doing. He is using those around us to fit into His bigger plan, His bigger picture. How cool is that?!
And that, my friends, is why I love a cup of coffee on Sunday mornings at The Ridge. Well, that and caffeine.