Want to invite your friends to The Ridge? 

We're so excited that you're inviting your friends/family/neighbors to Easter! Check out Amber's story and how she's inviting her neighbors this year:

Start by saving these pictures to your phone or computer:

Once you've got those pictures saved, here's some things you can do with them:

  • Send out a personal text invite. The more personal you can make the invitation, the better.
  • Something like this is a great place to start, if you're attending online: "Hey ____! Wanna join me for Easter at The Ridge on Sunday the 4th? I'm watching on Facebook (@ridge24.7) at __:00. See you there!"
  • Or something like this, if you're joining us in person: "Hey ____! Wanna join me for Easter at The Ridge on Sunday the 4th? I'm going to the __:00 service. Bring the kids, too, because we've got awesome kids programs (yep, an hour of kid-free time). See ya there!"
  • Want some extra neighborly bonus points?* Print off one of these invite cards, and attach it to some goodies to be delivered to your neighbors/friends/family. 
  • Share our Easter posts on Facebook - there's no easier way to share an invite with your entire friends list, then sharing a post on Facebook.


*We're not entirely sure what neighborly bonus points can be redeemed for, but they can't hurt, right?