In a Nutshell

Trusting. Obsessive home designer/remodeler. Carol’s lesser half. Father of two great kids. Mildly extroverted. Can't sit still. Speech impediment (Aussie accent)

The Full Story

David began attending The Ridge back in 1999 when it was called Berean Bible Church, after moving to Columbus from Dallas, TX. He has been involved in a variety of activities at The Ridge, ranging from dramas, hosting Ridge Kids, serving as a small group leader for the 4th and 5th-grade boys, to participation in several construction projects at the old building and other odd jobs.

He is currently between jobs professionally after spending nearly 20 years with Cummins, which is what brought him to Columbus in the first place. He has served on the Elder Board since 2011, with a one year sabbatical. David is not from around here. He was born in Australia and moved to the U.S. in 1989.

In his spare time, he likes to ride his bike, hike, do woodworking, and read. He is married to Carol, who is also very active in the church. They have two children, Kapri and Kian. Both kids are now out of the house, so they are empty nesters – except for the two little dogs, Miya and Lola, who are Yorkshire Terriers. If forced to choose, Carol would probably prefer to spend time with the dogs over David.

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