In a Nutshell

Outdoorsy. Dreamer. Little League coach. Filmmaker. Optimist. Father of three fun, loud, smelly, and lovable boys, and one sweet, little girl.

The Full Story

In 2008, I was considering a number of Music Pastor positions but ultimately decided to work for The Ridge part-time. My wife and I wanted to stay plugged into our home church and we were completely behind the vision of doing whatever it takes to reach our community for Christ. When they offered me a full-time position in April of 2013, my wife and I were excited to accept the offer!

What I Do

I’m responsible for almost everything related to audio, video, lighting, creative elements, and music for our Sunday services. We develop each aspect of our service to fit thematically into how we want to deliver our Sunday message. It’s all worth it when these elements come together and allow someone to take their next steps with Jesus.

Life Before The Ridge

Before The Ridge, I worked for an architectural and engineering firm as an energy conservation specialist. 

Words I Live By

People and things will fail you, but God never will.

When I'm Not at Work, I…

enjoy spending time with family, being in nature camping, fishing, or hunting, and doing creative things with music and videography.

Something That May Surprise You

I was born in the state of Texas when my dad was in the Army. Shortly thereafter, my family moved back to Indiana. I later met and married a girl from Texas!

Let's Keep In Touch

(812)376-8455 ext. 113