March 16, 2021

Adam's Blog: Who is Your Pete?

Do you know someone like Pete? No, I don't think this mannequin is real. Yes, it's funny to call him a "dummy," but that's not very nice!

We named this mannequin “Pete.” Pete is the name we made up to represent the people we hope to reach for Christ. Our vision at The Ridge is “Do whatever it takes to reach our community for Christ.” That means that there is someone in your life - he may be a neighbor, a friend, a family member, a co-worker - someone in your life who doesn’t go to church, or doesn’t like church, or doesn’t quite know what they believe. We affectionally call that person “Pete.” Pete is someone you care about. Pete is someone you pray for. Pete is someone you invite to church with you. (And, if your name is Pete and you keep going “Why does he keep talking about me?” you have my sincerest apologies.)  

Our entire vision as a church is built around making sure that people like Pete have a place to belong before they figure out what they believe. To come to a church where they are welcomed, accepted, loved no matter who they are or where they come from.  

We plan everything we do with Pete in mind. We try to use words normal people use and teach about things that can apply to what is going on in Pete’s life right now. We sing songs in a style Pete might hear on Spotify and we have irresistible environments so Pete’s kids are dragging him to church, not the other way around. We want Pete to feel welcomed even before he gets here. The parking lot, the website, our social media…

We want to do whatever it takes to reach Pete right where he is.

The truth is Pete will check us out online before he comes in person if he ever comes in person. Pete might never set foot on campus here (partly because he can’t walk - check out the picture). Even if Pete is never here in person, God can still change his life. Online church is for Pete’s sake. Yes, we named him Pete so I could say, "for Pete’s sake." But we all have someone in our lives who doesn’t know the hope and the joy and the peace that comes from a relationship with Jesus. And we do whatever it takes for their sake, for Pete’s sake.

My challenge to you is to answer the question, “Who is your Pete?”

Who is the person who represents this in your life? Can you name them? If you can’t, pray right now for God to open opportunities up for you to have relationships like this. I believe if you ask God to provide people in your life, He'll do it!

I have a handful of people like “Pete” in my life. They’re not projects. They’re not a task - someone who I’m working on. Nothing like that. They’re friends. They’re real people, and I believe they matter. I love them, and because I love them I want them to have the hope of Jesus.

Who is your Pete?

If someone comes to mind, commit right now to pray for your “Pete” (though I suggest you use their real name. I mean, God knows who you're talking about, but still...) Pray for his life, his family, his needs, his hopes, his dreams…and most importantly, his relationship with Jesus. Pray for opportunities to share life with him. Pray for opportunities to share your story with him. Pray for opportunities to invite him to church.

And remember - everything we do around here at The Ridge - it's "for Pete's sake!"

Whatever it takes,