Tuesday, February 6

Time: 12:00 am – 11:59 pm

Join The Ridge Reading Challenge

Every January, we kick off a church-wide challenge to read major parts of the Bible throughout the year, called the Ridge Reading Challenge. We are doing this because we want to make a commitment – as a church – to read the Bible every day. We believe if we all set a goal to do this and encourage one another – we can all grow in our faith, knowledge of who Jesus is and how God wants to work in our lives.

You can check out the reading plan via the reading schedule link below, or you can find it in our app (just text APP to 812.408.1188 to download the app. Once it's downloaded, click "events", and you'll find the calendar there). This schedule can help keep you on track all year. We have chapter readings each day, which should take around 5-10 minutes, with the weekends off.

Be sure to join our Facebook group, where you can interact with other people participating.


We are excited to see how God will move in our church when we all make time with Him a priority!