February 7, 2019

Four Reasons You Should Consider Volunteering for FMSC

Reason #1: Most of us like to be a part of something that really matters!

Many of the fastest growing companies today are companies that are also tied to “making a difference.” Warby Parker, an online eyeglass provider, is making a difference by providing affordable eyewear, and gives away a pair of glasses with every pair purchased. They are making a difference to the 1 billion (yes, billion) people who don’t have access to affordable eye care.

Providing a pair of glasses, or a pair of shoes (TOMs) is a wonderful thing, but there is no question these actions are secondary to feeding starving children. These children need you! They REALLY MATTER!  

Reason #2: It all starts with food!
FMSC partners their food distribution efforts with a collection of like-minded organizations that provide expertise in accessible safe water, agriculture, spiritual development, medical care, education, and more. By volunteering with FMSC you play a part in breaking the cycle of poverty.
Reason #3: It is an incredible investment!
I like getting a good return on my investments. Where else can you invest 25 cents and provide something as significant as a nutritious meal that can literally save the life of a young child? More than likely, if you volunteer, you will consider a donation to help pay for the meals we pack as well. 99% of all meals from FMSC reach their intended destination. There are many great places to invest your money, but it would be hard to find one better than FMSC.
See, I told you, it is an INCREDIBLE INVESTMENT!
Reason #4: Volunteering with FMSC is FUN!
Where else can you do something that matters, partner with organizations that are breaking the cycle of poverty, make such a wise investment, and do all that with people who are having a blast serving together?  
Over the past several years our Mobile Pack events have packed over 374,000 meals to feed starving children around the world. Our meals have made a difference in the lives of children in Nicaragua, Honduras, and Grenada. Please join us on March 1st or 2nd to continue our impact!

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Whatever it Takes,