September 30, 2020

Jerry's Blog: 4 Things I Appreciate About Jerry Wischmeier

When you drive onto the campus of The Ridge, you are met with a beautifully-landscaped property. What you may not know is that Jerry Wischmeier had a hand in that—literally and figuratively. 

If you come by the church during the week, there’s a chance you’ll see Jerry with his hands in one of the front patio planters near the entrance, creating yet another welcoming arrangement. First impressions matter when the friend you’ve invited for the first time shows up to church. The parking team and greeters team play a key role in that, but so does the landscaping team! 

When we first moved to our current property (2012), we had one of our worst summer droughts in history. We planted 653 shrubs, grasses, and trees that spring. Jerry and a volunteer team kept almost all of them alive that first summer by watering day after day, month after month, so we could enjoy what we do today!

Because Jerry works behind-the-scenes in Operations, you may not be aware of the many contributions he makes to The Ridge. To do “whatever it takes,” it takes a team of people to make that happen. Jerry is an integral part of that team. 

I asked Jerry’s coworkers at The Ridge what they appreciate about him. The same qualities kept surfacing! Here are 4 of the many things that all of us who work with Jerry appreciate about him.

1.    Every person I asked mentioned how patient Jerry is. Perhaps I admire this quality so much because I’m…not. His role in Operations includes finances and IT. You gotta be patient for a role like that! When you get to know Jerry, you find a patient, kind-hearted, caring, genuine person. 

2.    Jerry is thorough, detailed-oriented, and organized. Again, that’s very comforting when you know his role at The Ridge.  

3.    Jerry goes above and beyond. When supporting staff with financial questions, an IT issue, or any operational matter, Jerry’s attitude is “What can I do to help?” Then, when solved, he’ll ask you if there’s more he can do. 

4.    Jerry loves his family dearly…and if you want to see his face light up, just ask him about his grandson. One thing Weston will never have to question is how much his grandpa loves him!  

When you pass Jerry in the hallway, expect to receive a smile and a friendly, heartfelt greeting from him…well, you may not see the smile right now because of the mask he’s wearing, but it’s there. 

If you get a chance, let Jerry know how much you appreciate him. Oh, and did I mention what a superb name he has?

Whatever it takes,

Jerry (Day)