January 5, 2021

Jerry's Blog: 5 Things I'm Looking Forward To in Retirement

Several months ago, when a retired gentleman heard that I was retiring, he said, “Let me tell you something. Retirement isn’t all that great.” Wah-wah!
I’m excited about it (whether he was or not). Here are 5 things I’m looking forward to in retirement.

  1. I’m excited that I will be able to eat supper at 4:00pm and go to bed at 6:00pm. Oh wait…I already do that (almost).
  1. I’m excited to develop my pickleball and shuffleboard skills. Full disclosure—I have already played both and enjoy both!
  1. I’m excited that I don’t have to work weekends anymore. I have spent most of my adult life working weekends. Saturdays and Sundays. Working 6 days a week. I’m looking forward to having my weekends free!
  1. I’m excited about having more time to train for triathlons. I have a half-ironman already planned for late June, 2021, in Michigan (assuming COVID settles down).
  1. I’m excited about figuring out what God has next for me. Is that getting a “regular job” and working? Perhaps. Is that some kind of ministry? Who knows? I just became a certified personal trainer, and fitness is a passion of mine, so I’m considering that. (Interested in trying a personal trainer to get moving? Look me up. If I get a few clients, I might even pursue it full-time.)

This is the first time I remember being in this position during my adult years, where I don’t know what my future looks like. But I’m excited to see how and where God leads.
If you are part of The Ridge, can I encourage you to continue to do…
Whatever it takes,