September 22, 2020

Jerry's Blog: It Matters to This One

The story is told of a man walking down a beach. Thousands of starfish had washed ashore and lay there dying. As he side-stepped the starfish, he came across a little boy who was, one by one, throwing starfish back into the ocean. 

The man smiled and said to the boy, “You know you can’t save all these starfish, right?” The boy picked another one up, looked at it, then responded to the man, “It matters to this one.” Then he threw it back into the ocean. 

India is the second most populous nation in the world. Almost 1.4 billion people live in India. How many is that? If you were to look at individual pictures of 1.4 billion people for one second each, nonstop, it would take you over 44 years to see every face! 

We have a partnership with Central India Christian Mission. How can The Ridge possibly begin to make an impact in a nation that large? Because it matters to every single person CICM ministers! 

Here are just a few ways that we have partnered with CICM. We provide the full financial support for 3 Indian pastors who have started and lead several churches. For one of those pastors that has included providing him with a motorbike, a fresh water well for his village, and this year we built a church building for his church! We hope to send one of our pastors to the dedication of the church as soon as COVID subsides (you are invited to go!).

In addition, through CICM, we’ve donated to the construction of a hospital, we sponsor 5 children, and we’ve provided COVID relief funds (COVID has been devastating in India). 

How do you share the love of Christ with 1.4 billion people? One life at a time. Because it matters to every person who hears about Jesus! 

Whatever it takes,