June 6, 2018

Meet Chris Bell, Our New Student Pastor

Why are you passionate about student ministry?
I remember the struggles that I went through as a teenager. I wish I didn’t have to carry those struggles alone. I wish I had a student pastor that was committed to chasing me down and pouring identity into my life. I am passionate about seeing students awakened by Jesus and living into the truth that Jesus is bigger than any trial that they may face. Being able to be the student pastor that I never had is what drives me. I desire to see students know Jesus. 
Why did you choose The Ridge? 
My wife and I have fallen in love with this church. We love the people and what The Ridge stands for. 

What are some fun facts about you?

  • I have an intense love for candles. 
  • My belly button used to be the size of a small child's head.
  • I love porch stompin' banjo music. 

What’s your favorite food, movie, and place? 
My favorite food is anything that is not seafood. My favorite movie is “Lone Survivor” and favorite place would have to be the Smoky Mountains. 

What do you do for fun? 
I like to travel to new places with my family, attend sporting events or anything outdoors. I also like looking up YouTube videos of people eating hot peppers.

If Kayla were to describe you in a few sentences she would say: 
"My husband probably forgets where his keys are more than anyone I have ever known. He makes up for it with his very good looks." 

What sports did you play and who do you root for? 
I play football, basketball, and some baseball. I root for the Boilermakers, Tennessee Vols, Colts, and Lebron James. 

Why is Indiana better than Florida? 
Because I am a redhead.