March 9, 2021

Q & A with James Young

In case you missed it on Sunday, our worship pastor, James Young, shared that he and his family will be relocating to move closer to family, and therefore he is resigning from The Ridge. We wanted to give you a little more information from James about what’s next for their family, what their timeline looks like, and what’s next for The Ridge.
Why the move?
For one, we want to be closer to family in Texas. After being married for 19 years and being away from family in the south, it is time for us to move. Another huge factor for us is my wife, Melani’s health, and issues that she’s been dealing with. Her doctors think she will be healthier in a drier climate, and that moving from our current climate will help. Nothing is certain, but if it would help her not deal with the health issues she faces regularly, I want that for her and our family. 
Will you plan to find a job at a church?
That is a strong yes. I do not feel called out of ministry. I am not burned out in any way and want to continue to reach people who are far from God with the hope of the gospel. We know God has a plan for our family, and will provide for us. 
Does the timing have to do with the transition of Jerry retiring and Adam taking on the lead pastor role?
Not at all. This decision is actually more difficult because I have really appreciated Adam as a friend and a lead pastor. I have jokingly told a few people that I wish Adam would make it easier by treating me poorly or something, but the opposite is true.
Adam has been very gracious about this situation and has cared for me and our family very well. I love our vision and values, I love the leadership, I love my co-workers, and I am fortunate to know and love everyone in The Ridge family.
When is your last day at The Ridge?
My last Sunday will be May 16. This gives us time to wrap up this school year in Columbus, transition from The Ridge well, and have time to start to settle in to a new city before school starts again in the fall.
So what’s next for The Ridge? We as a church want to celebrate James’ many years at The Ridge. James has been at The Ridge for 23 years, and on staff for 12 of those. That is really something to celebrate! We’ll have some opportunities to celebrate James and his family, and send them well over the coming months, so keep an eye on our eNews and Facebook page as those come up. We also want to pray for their family, as they transition to a new community and new schools, and as they look for a church where they can worship and where James can serve as a worship pastor. We are so grateful for James’ willingness to follow God’s prompting, and take this step in faith. While we are sad to see them leave, we are so excited to see what God does through them in their new city!
Also be praying for The Ridge as we look at what’s next for our church in this next season, and that we do what honors God in this process. Our plan is to look to hire a worship pastor, so be praying for our staff as we start that search, and we add to our team.