August 13, 2019

Tim's Blog: Are You In a Group?

Are you in a group?
Fun fact: We have said the phrase “…that’s why being a part of a group is so important” 32 total times on Sundays so far this year at The Ridge. Fun fact: I made that up. My point is, you have likely heard us say it more than once around here. That’s because groups are a vital part of living a Christian life and embody all of our values as a church.

The “church" is a group: you, me, the person sitting next to you. We are the church. Sure, we use the term often to refer to the building that we meet in on Sundays, but, as a matter of fact, the origin of the word is connected to the description of a gathering of people, not the location or facility where they happen to gather.  
Group Life offers support, encouragement, and motivation to live the best life you can with and for the God who gave it to you. The goal of Life Groups at The Ridge is simple: connect relationally and grow spiritually. Life Groups are where you can know others and be known.  
Are you in a group?
If you have been considering what your next step in your relationship with God might be and you aren’t in a group, I want to challenge you to consider it. If you have been in a group in the past and aren’t in one currently, I want to challenge you to consider it again. I have been in several groups over the years. Some were great, some not so great, but I can look back on each of them and see that God used groups to shape who I am.  
Are you in a group?
On Sunday, August 25, we have an event immediately following the second service called groupconnect. At groupconnect, adults not currently in a group can find a group. This particular groupconnect is unique because you are committing to meet with a group only four times.  Four consecutive weeks, once a week during the month of September. What a great way to try a group for the first time or get reconnected with a new group.
You can sign up for groupconnect now using this link.
Are you in a group?

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