August 25, 2020

Tim's Blog: Groups - What's In It For Me?

You've likely heard us say more than once around here that groups are important. That’s because groups are a vital part of living a Christian life and embody all of our values as a church.
Groups offer support, encouragement, and motivation to live the best life you can with and for the God who gave it to you. (My personal recommendation, be in a group that also offers food support!) The goal of Groups at The Ridge is simple: connect relationally and grow spiritually.  Groups are where you can know others and be known.  
The “church" is a group: you, me, the person sitting next to you. We are the church. Sure, we use the term often to refer to the building that we meet in on Sundays, but, as a matter of fact, the origin of the word "church" is connected to the description of a gathering of people, not the location or facility where we gather. I think we may know that truth more in 2020 than we ever have.
Are you in a group?
If you have been considering what your next step in your relationship with God might be and you aren’t in a group, I want to challenge you to consider it. If you have been in a group in the past and aren’t in one currently, I want to challenge you to consider it again. I have been in several groups over the years. Some were great, some not so great, but I can look back on each of them and see that God used groups to shape who I am. I think God is going to continue to use groups in significant ways to keep us connected this year. 
Are you in a group?
We have groups for those struggling with the loss of a loved one, addictions, hurts, habits, or financial concerns. We also have groups for guys, ladies, couples, and moms of preschoolers. We have online only groups and groups that will take a hybrid approach to gathering. We have a group for you, and we want to invite you be a part of a group this fall.
If you want to know more about groups or how you can get plugged into a group, then just complete this form and you'll be all set!
Our fall semester for groups is just around the corner and will start meeting mid-September. The deadline to sign up for groups for the fall is 8/31. We want to join you in taking your next step into groups!
Are you in a group?


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