June 25, 2019

Tim's Blog - Ridge Reading Challenge Free Pass

Do you ever dread coming back to work after vacation? More specifically, have you ever been overwhelmed with the thought of the mountain of catch-up tasks awaiting your return? No matter how hard you prepared for your time away, you still know what’s waiting…50 million unopened emails! Yes, exactly 50 million emails that you have to read to get up to speed on what you missed while you were away. What would happen if you just deleted them all? Yep, just wiped the old inbox clean! How great would it be to get to start new? Sure, you’d miss the memo about the leftover chicken salad from Karen’s retirement party, but, so what, it wasn’t that good anyway.
We are officially at the halfway point of the 2019 Ridge Reading Challenge. If you are a little bit behind, or haven’t even started the Ridge Reading Challenge yet, reading this blog might just be the best gift anyone has given you in the last 45.73 seconds. (That’s how long it to me to read to this point in the blog.)
I am going to give you a free pass to forget about all the make-up work. You get to start new and begin the RRC today. No catching up, no starting at the beginning. You can start today with reading 2 Samuel 4. You can find out the schedule for each day by clicking here. It only takes 10-15 minutes a day to read one chapter.
If you do this today, you have officially accepted the Ridge Reading Challenge and are on your way toward starting a habit of reading the Bible on a regular basis, studying the character of God, and learning how God used everyday people to do some pretty amazing things.
To those of you who already accepted the challenge, way to go! You’re halfway there! Keep going! We would love to hear what this kind of daily Bible reading has meant to you. Did you already read your Bible every day, or was this new to you? How long did it take before it became part of your routine? How did you make it work for you?
Encourage someone else by sharing your story. Email  and tell us yours.