Our Sunday services have moved online. Join us on Facebook at 10am on Sundays. Check out theridge.org/updates for more details, including information for kids and students.

Our Vision: To do whatever it takes to reach our community for Christ.

…For Their Future.

God is prompting us to look beyond ourselves and rise up and work toward reaching people in our community for Christ in a different way; to maximize The Ridge’s impact in our community beyond ourselves and what we’re currently doing.

“For Their Future" is doing whatever it takes for our friends and families. We want to point them to Jesus, so they can experience what we have! People matter. Our friends who don’t know Jesus matter. Eternity hangs in the balance. That’s what’s at stake.

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Four areas to maximize "For Their Future":

We will make building renovations to our current ministry areas to maximize our facility. Renovations include updating the loft, increasing usability of the conference room, repurposing our current approach to our office space, and improving our Little Ridge Kids area (including an outdoor playground). 

Want to see a tour of the renovations? Click here

We will strategically plan and hire additional positions to maximize our staff. We have already hired a full-time Communications Director, and plan on hiring a Connections Pastor in the beginning part of 2019 as part of our leadership transition. We also plan to maximize support staff roles currently at The Ridge. 

We will intentionally prepare for our financial future to maximize our ministry impact. In order to be prepared to launch a campus in the future, we are preparing and focusing on our financial future. This includes long-term maintenance, as well as an emergency fund. 

We will give 10% of this project back to those in our community to maximize our investment in our community. The Ridge has many community partnerships, and we are excited to continue partnering with them. One of these organizations is Malachi's Closet.