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Christmas Day at The Ridge
Holly Jolly Twinkle Jingle
Piggy Banks and 401Ks
The Art Of...
Pursuit: The Book of Philippians
Vision Sunday
Heart Breakers
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God in a Box
Easter at The Ridge 2022

Pretty lights that twinkle, carols that remind us of being a kid, presents, hot chocolate. The Christmas season is chocked full of these hopes for a holly, jolly, twinkly Christmas. In the midst of the hustle and bustle, sometimes we forget that holidays can be difficult. Or we make the jingly bells more important than the manger scene. This series will remind us, in the midst of all the holly jolly tinkle jingle of the season, that our main focus and affection can be on Jesus.

Light of the World - Tim Perkins

Prince of Peace - Adam Johnson

Santa Claus Theology - Reed Chapman

Cheerful Giver - Adam Johnson

Money Matters - Adam Johnson


The Art of Service - Adam Johnson

The Art of Worship - James Simonton

Pursuit of Jesus - Adam Johnson

Pursuit of Peace - Reed Chapman

Pursuit of Success - Reed Chapman

Pursuit of Growth - Adam Johnson

Pursuit of Unity - Adam Johnson

Pursuit of Joy - Reed Chapman

Vision Sunday - Adam Johnson

For Pete's Sake - Adam Johnson

There are difficult things we all deal with. Divorce. Grief. Estrangement from family, broken friendships. The things we are deaing with today are rooted in the way we live, and what goes on in a really special place for all of us - our heart. And when our heart is unhealthy or goes unchecked - we find guilt, anger, greed, and jealousy that destroy our homes, careers, and friendships. God gives us hope, though, that if our hearts are rooted in him we can fight back on these feelings, and become restored in our lives and relationships.

Greed & Generosity - Adam Johnson

Anger & Forgiveness - Adam Johnson

Guilt & Confession - Reed Chapman

Heart Matters - Adam Johnson

It can be difficult today to know what is true and what is not. When it comes to spiritual things, God's truth is black and white and even though there is no gray area, that's where so many of us live today. We prefer to live by the concepts, the feelings, or facts we wish to be true, rather than those known to be true...the gray area. This series will help us navigate the gray space between True and True(ish).

Grace and Truth - Adam Johnson

Pursuit of Holiness - Adam Johnson

Hear from guest speakers, community partners, and more throughout our summer series.

Seasons - Reed Chapman

Community Partners - Reed Chapman

Flipping the Script - Mark Malburg

RESeT - Jerry Day

The way we view God significantly impacts the way we believe God views us. We go through life, sometimes without even knowing it, and put God in a box of our own design. We are then surprised or deeply disappointed when God does not fit into what we think he should be. We suffer from a limited idea of who God is and what he really is all about. This series will explore destructive views of God and attempt to replace those views with more true and helpful views of God.

We all have hope in one way or another. We hope we'll graduate high school. We hope that special someone likes us. We hope to be successful. We hope life will turn out in a certain way. But often time that's not what ends up happening. Do you remember the day in your life you realized things weren't turning out the way you had hoped? Maybe it was a diagnosis. A failure. A hurt. An emptiness. Whatever it was, there are a lot of us who feel like there's not much hope. At times, we find ourselves in the darkness of hopelessness. A part of the Easter story is a story of lost and recovered hope, and how Jesus is the light in the darkness and hope for the hopeless. All because he is risen.

Easter - Adam Johnson