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Radical - The Upside-Down Life

Imagine you’re trapped – stuck in a difficult situation or season of life. What do you do when you can’t seem to get yourself out of it? When nothing seems to fix it? You just want to get away. It can be hard to trust that God is listening to you… but He is.

The Israelites found themselves in a similar situation. God heard them. He stepped into their story in a powerful and tangible way. God rescued His people. He does the same for us.

Pinky Promise - Josh Crum

A Dog's Life - Jerry Day

The Big Trade - Josh Crum

I Can't! - Jerry Day

Always Watching - Josh Crum

Words have meaning… but sometimes we only scratch the surface in our understanding of them. The Bible is full of significant words. Words that look good on Instagram or stuck on the back of a car. Words that feel good when say them or hear them. But there’s often more to those words than we think. They are deeper, richer and more meaningful than we imagine. They point to a bigger, more powerful, more loving God. Those are things that we’d miss out on if we just stayed on the surface. So let’s dig in.

Be Still - Adam Johnson

Hope in the Dark - Chris Bell

Christmas requires a lot of preparation. Your home needs to be decorated. You’ve got to get the presents and wrap them. You’ve got to find a tree and trim it.

But the preparations for Christmas actually began thousands of years in the past. God promised long ago that His perfect gift was coming. He repeated that promise throughout the generations and His people looked forward to its fulfillment.

Christmas is when God’s ultimate promise became a reality. When hope entered our world… at last.

O Little Town - Jerry & Josh

God Is With Us - Jerry Day

Thanks Giving - Josh Crum

Our Vision: To do whatever it takes to reach our community for Christ.
...For Their Future.

God is prompting us to look beyond ourselves and rise up and work toward reaching people in our community for Christ in a different way; to maximize The Ridge's impact in our community beyond ourselves and what we're currently doing.

"For Their Future" is doing whatever it takes for our friends and families. We want to point them to Jesus, so they can experience what we have! People matter. Our friends who don't know Jesus matter. Eternity hangs in the balance. That's what is at stake.

It Takes Commitment - Adam Johnson

Jesus. You’ve probably heard that name before. People say all sorts of things about Jesus... that He is the son of God… that He was a teacher… that He was just a good man… that He’s a fairy tale. But who does Jesus say that He is? We’ll look at who Jesus is through His own words and the roles that He fulfilled. Jesus is more significant than we could possibly imagine. That’s why it matters when He says “I am Jesus”.

I Am the True Vine - Adam Johnson

We all have things that shape and guide us as people. Things we care deeply about. Things that are foundational to who we are. The Ridge is no different. The ideas and principles that we hold most dear define who we are because we believe that is who God has called us to be in Columbus and beyond. Join us as we look at the things that we are most passionate about as a church – the seven values that make us The Ridge.

Live Beyond - Josh Crum

Next Steps - Josh Crum

Enjoy Life - Jerry Day

Be Real - Josh Crum

Excellence - Jerry Day

People Matter - Josh Crum

Big Faith - Jerry Day

When life is easy, faith is easy. But what about when life is hard? When you’re hurting? When you don’t feel like anyone is listening? Where is God and why would He let this happen? Joseph faced questions just like those. His life was hard and he lost everything. But that wasn’t the end of his story. God was not absent. God had a plan. He always has a plan.

Letting Go - Jerry Day

The Deep Dark - Josh Crum

The Long Wait - Josh Crum

Meanwhile - Adam Johnson

Being intimate.  Making whoopee.  Hanky panky.  Adult naptime.  Bow-chick-a-wow-wow.  There are many names for sex and even more opinions on the role it’s supposed to play in our lives.  It can be confusing… but it doesn’t have to be.  Sex is a gift God gave humanity.  So how do we honor Him with it?  Join us as we talk about the elephant in the bedroom and dig into what the Bible says about sex.

Prison Break - Josh Crum

The "Talk" - Josh Crum

We want faith to be safe and easy. It’s not. Jesus didn’t come to fit neatly into our lives where it’s convenient for us. Jesus came to lead a counter-cultural revolution – a gathering of radicals committed to live for something greater. Jesus doesn’t want our lives to be fine… he wants them to be deeper and richer and more meaningful than we can imagine.

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus talks about his plan for us to experience the life we long to know. It’s a promise to flip life upside-down. It’s a call to live radically.

In or Out? - Josh Crum

Judge Not - Jerry Day

Opposite Day - Josh Crum

The end.  It's the last part of the story.  It's the conclusion.  It signifies that nothing else is going to happen, that nothing else is coming.  It's final.  

When Jesus died on the cross, it looked like the end.  His family mourned him and his followers scattered in fear.  It seemed like all that they believed in was a lie.  How could Jesus be all that he said he was, all that they hoped he would be?  He was gone.  

Stories end… but this one didn’t.  Jesus's death wasn't the end.  God's story wasn't finished.  The resurrection changed everything, allowing us to know the living Jesus and say, because he is risen, I am new.