In a Nutshell

Creative. Lover of anything outside. Hands-on learner. Family-oriented. Traveler. Board game player.

The Full Story

I started working at The Ridge in 2013. I was interested in finding a job where I could help and invest in others. After high school and a 6-month stay in Germany where I attended Bible School, I got the call to see if I’d be interested in supporting both the Student and Production ministry teams. I was excited about the opportunity because I had been attending and volunteering at The Ridge since high school and really enjoyed the work I was doing for both of those teams.

What I Do

On a typical day, supporting the Production and Student ministry teams includes making volunteer schedules, event planning, and communications. I love the variety in my day-to-day schedule and that my work is directly helping others.

Life Before The Ridge

Before The Ridge I was a nanny for a family in Columbus. I also attended Bible School at Bodenseehof in Germany.

Words I Live By

Love others well.

When I'm Not at Work, I…

am hanging out with my family, friends, and “my” kids. Spending time with people who are important to me matters.

Something that May Surprise You

My name and birth date are both palindromes.

Let's Keep In Touch

(812)376-8455 ext. 116