In a Nutshell

Easily excited. Husband and dad. Bougie with food. Excessively passionate about boardgames, T-Rex-themed Christmas decor, and rec-level volleyball. Appropriately passionate about Jesus and Texas. Extroverted even at 7 am.

The Full Story

I grew up in Wichita Falls, Texas to an incredible family, and chose to follow Jesus at an early age. I grew up in the spotlight due to advanced education, and graduated from a public high school at 15. I then attended Midwestern State University and earned a bachelors in Accounting before moving to the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex to pursue my Masters of Divinity. I began working full time at a church at 20, and stayed in Texas for a few years, moved to Arizona, and then moved to Indiana to work at The Ridge.

What I Do

I get to serve as the Connections Pastor here at The Ridge, which means leading the first impressions, groups, care, and follow-up departments as well as teaching a portion of the time. I’m passionate about seeing people surrender more of their life to Christ and taking steps to become more like Him.

Life Before The Ridge

Before coming to The Ridge, I served at multiple churches in Texas and Arizona and enjoyed working jobs in different industries. I received a Bachelors in Accounting at Midwestern State University and got a Masters of Divinity from SWBTS. I’m still engaged in a lifelong pursuit to create the world’s greatest breakfast sandwich.

Words I Live By

Success is measured by faithfulness. There’s so much in life that’s beyond our control, and we can tend to place too much value on power, pennies and pleasure. We don’t “win” by being the best, we “win” by being faithful in whatever situation God puts us in and by obediently following His lead.

When I’m Not at Work, I…

can be found cooking, playing board games or sports, or looking for the nearest, newest adventure to chase. I’ll try (almost) anything once!

Something That May Surprise You

I am a fanatical Manchester United supporter, and I’ll get up very early on Saturday mornings to watch European soccer games.


Let's Keep In Touch

(812) 376-8455 ext. 115