One of our values at The Ridge is that we are contributors, not consumers. That is why we feel volunteering is such an important next step for those who want to grow in their relationships with God and with others.

We want to make it easy for you to find your fit on a volunteer team. Whether you are new to volunteering or a seasoned veteran, we are excited that you’ve decided to take this next step! 

Check out tons of available opportunities below. Not sure what role might be right for you? We'd love to talk with you and help you find your fit. Just click the sign-up button below, then click "Help me find my fit!" on the form.


Do you enjoy helping out in behind-the-scenes ways? Do you like laminating things more than you like most people? Our office helps teams is in the office throughout the week, prepping the building for Sunday mornings. From making copies for our kids' programs, to making sure our auditorium is in ship-shape, a role on the Office Helps team is waiting for you. Plus, in this role, you get to hang out in the office with our staff, so that's a pretty nice bonus to the role.  

Do you get the latest gadget or gizmo the minute it comes out? Do your friends come to you for IT support? Do you find yourself watching a show and going "I could make that shot look even better"? We've got a role that's fit for you on our Sunday tech teams. From camera operator, to stage manager, and more, our tech teams are ready for you. 

Are you a Facebook afficionado? When you go out to eat, do you order whatever will look best on your Insta? Do you have more online friends than IRL friends? Find your fit with our online campus teams. From helping to develop an online world for our kids and students, to being a chat host on Sunday mornings, to caring for our online community, you can be a part of a team that makes church and community happen online.

Are you CPR certified? Do you like making new friends? Are you great at making people feel safe and welcome in new places? Find your fit on one of our first impressions teams.  From greeters, to standby medical assistants, to our sanitation team and more, we'd love for you to be a part of our first impressions team. 

Are you a kid at heart? Do you miss when your kids were little and they'd still let you hold them? Do you always make new friends when you take your little ones to the playground? Find your fit in Ridge Kids (K-5th grade) or in Little Ridge Kids (zero-5). From rocking babies in the nursery, to leading a group of elementary-aged kids on Sunday mornings, we've got the role for you. 

When you were in high school, did you have someone you looked up to? Did seeing a familiar face bring a smile to yours? If you want to make the same impact in our students' lives, then you should join our student ministry team. If you like building relationships, then our welcome team is for you. If you're more hands-on versus relational, no worries - we've got a set up and tear down team, too. Find your fit in student ministries today. 

Do your friends refer to you as the next Billy Joel? Do you catch yourself watching The Voice and going "I could totally do that"? Do you watch a show or movie, and thing to yourself "here's how I'd film that scene"? Are you a creative soul, but like to hang out behind the scenes? We've got a role that fits you on our creative team. Whether you like to belt it out or shred it out, we've got you covered in a music role. Plus we've got several behind-the-scenes roles in all stages of the creative process, from creative planning and set design, all the way to photography and video for services and events. 

Are you one of the first people in the doors at Menards on a Saturday? Do you spend more time on a ladder than off of it? Do you feel like Ron Swanson on Parks and Rec was based off of you (mustache or not)? Find your fit on our maintenance and grounds teams. From sprucing up the outside of our building, to keeping our HVAC and lighting running, to keeping the walls looking fresh, we've got a role for you. 

Do your friends always come to you for advice? Is your love language cooking and baking? Is The Wedding Planner your all-time favorite movie? If any of these sound like you, then you should join our care and connections teams. From leading a small group, to serving as a wedding coordinator, to making meals for funerals or families who just need a little extra help during a difficult time, you can find your fit on our teams.  

Are you interested in serving in another way? Maybe you have a certain skill that you don't see listed? Shoot us an email, so we can help you find your fit. 



Volunteer With our Community Partners

Love Chapel

Love Chapel is an organization in Columbus that provides a food pantry, hot meals, and financial assistance. In order to run these programs, Love Chapel need plenty of volunteers, from food pantry assistance, to hot meals servers, to data entry, maintenance and more. To learn more about the available volunteer opportunities, or to sign up for their volunteer orientation, email Love Chapel.