Our in-person services have resumed. Join us at 9:30 or 11:00am on campus, or online at 9:30am on our Facebook page. Check out theridge.org/updates for more details.

September 12, 2017

A 51-Year Legacy

Jerry Day

Certain people stand out to you in your church. In 1966, a man began attending our church by the name of Jerry McCullough (I was 7 years old). At age 80 (he doesn’t look it or act it), he still faithfully attends The Ridge. Some of my...


September 8, 2017

Friday FIVE Challenge: Serve Your World

It’s easy to feel disconnected from what’s happening outside our city and world. But, God has called us to love and care for those not just in our community, but regionally and globally as well. That’s why The Ridge has...


September 7, 2017

Thursday FIVE Challenge: Serve Your Community

If you think about it, there are countless opportunities every day to serve those in our community. We can do that through small gestures like holding open a door for someone or paying for coffee. We can do that in bigger ways like volunteering...


September 6, 2017

Wednesday FIVE Challenge: Serve Your Friend

Building friendships in and outside of our church gives us a unique opportunity to serve one another. Sometimes we can take friendships for granted or forget to take time to cultivate our relationships. So, today is going to be all about...