April 11, 2023

Still Rolling Stones

Maylee B.

I hope you had a very happy Easter. It was a great weekend here at The Ridge as we talked about how God continues to roll away the stones in our lives, just like He did that first Easter. A couple of weeks ago, a Ridger wrote a blog about this...


April 6, 2023

Adam's Blog: Good Friday

Adam Johnson

Good Friday is a big part of the Easter story, to be sure. It’s the day Jesus was crucified on a cross, and we can read in detail the words that were uttered and the pain he endured. I encourage you, right now, to go read Luke 23 in the...


March 14, 2023

Adam's Blog: A Trip to Ghana

Adam Johnson

What an amazing opportunity to visit a mission partnership in Ghana called Ghana Christian Mission. Graham (a fellow Ridger) and I visited medical clinics, church plants, and a Bible school, and got to meet with multiple pastors and leaders...


January 10, 2023

Singleness and Sex

Reed Chapman

So, uh, we started our sex series this past Sunday. “Rated M," a conversation about God, sex, and sexuality. And we talked about how sex is a good thing, and it’s a big part of God’s plans for marriage. And I’m...