September 14, 2019

Adam's Blog: Share

Adam Johnson

I absolutely love chicken wings. So much so that I’m very opinionated about what makes a good wing. It should be crispy but not breaded, have the right amount of sauce, not be too large to dip into ranch or blue cheese, and the portions...


August 26, 2019

Josh's Blog: Wet Cement

My kids love babysitters. A lot. When a babysitter comes over my kids get so excited that they start to not-so-subtly let me and my wife know that we can leave now…that we’re no longer needed at home. They love having someone new...


August 12, 2019

Tim's Blog: Are You In a Group?

Tim Perkins

Are you in a group? Fun fact: We have said the phrase “…that’s why being a part of a group is so important” 32 total times on Sundays so far this year at The Ridge. Fun fact: I made that up. My point is, you...


August 5, 2019

Chris' Blog: Why Students Matter

Chris Bell

I'll never forget an eye-opening moment for me in my third year of being in full-time student ministry. Besides candles, I am a sauce connoisseur. I was looking at different sauces when a man sparked a conversation with me. After a few back and...