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March 17, 2020

Jerry's Blog: 4 Ways to Find Peace in Times of Trouble

Jerry Day

When I feel unsettled with circumstances around me, I have a “go-to” chapter in the Bible. Much of the Bible was written to an unsettled world. Jesus was born into perilous times. Paul shared the gospel in unpredictable times. Many...


February 25, 2020

James' Blog: How to Worship On Purpose

James Young

I have a friend who is incredibly passionate about everything he does. I am pretty sure he would spend time thinking through the best, most efficient way to zip his pants in the morning and then spend hours perfecting the process of grilling...


February 18, 2020

Tim's Blog: Why Life Groups Matter

Tim Perkins

I’m not in a Life Group because… The whole idea seems weird I find it hard to get to know new people It will be awkward  I don’t know what to expect I don’t know enough about God  I don’t know if I...


January 23, 2020

Adam's Blog: For Their Future Year One

Adam Johnson

I’m selfish by nature. I think about almost everything through the grid of “How does this impact me?” I want to know if it benefits me before I’ll even consider it. Recently, our family purchased a used vehicle for my wife...