August 27, 2019

Josh's Blog: Wet Cement

My kids love babysitters. A lot. When a babysitter comes over my kids get so excited that they start to not-so-subtly let me and my wife know that we can leave now…that we’re no longer needed at home. They love having someone new...


August 13, 2019

Tim's Blog: Are You In a Group?

Tim Perkins

Are you in a group? Fun fact: We have said the phrase “…that’s why being a part of a group is so important” 32 total times on Sundays so far this year at The Ridge. Fun fact: I made that up. My point is, you...


August 6, 2019

Chris' Blog: Why Students Matter

Chris Bell

I'll never forget an eye-opening moment for me in my third year of being in full-time student ministry. Besides candles, I am a sauce connoisseur. I was looking at different sauces when a man sparked a conversation with me. After a few back and...


July 24, 2019

Adam's Blog: Christmas In July

Adam Johnson

In case you were wondering, it’s 154 days until Christmas.   I love Christmas. I thoroughly enjoy sitting outside those amazing houses that set their lights to music. I can be heard whistling Christmas music year-round. I...