January 19, 2021

Mike's Blog: A Tribute to a True Leader

Mike Morrow

I have said for years, “I would fight hell with a water pistol for Jerry Day.” That is as true today after serving alongside of him for 30 years as it was in those early years. Let me give you a peak behind the curtains and tell you...


January 5, 2021

Jerry's Blog: 5 Things I'm Looking Forward To in Retirement

Several months ago, when a retired gentleman heard that I was retiring, he said, “Let me tell you something. Retirement isn’t all that great.” Wah-wah! I’m excited about it (whether he was or not). Here are 5 things...


December 30, 2020

Tim's Blog: Looking Forward

Tim Perkins

Are you looking forward to 2021? You bet your britches you are! Why? Well, 2020 - that's why! What are you actually looking forward to? What are you eagerly anticipating this year? Is there one thing that you just...


December 8, 2020

Jerry's Blog: From "I Wish" to "I Know"

Jerry Day

I’m tired of COVID. You probably don’t want to read about it in a blog either…sorry. Wishing it away doesn’t change that it’s here for the holidays. However, your circumstances do not have to determine your...