August 3, 2020

Tim's Blog: A Little Something Extra

Tim Perkins

It’s the little things that matter.  My son is a thoughtful gift giver. Have you ever had someone give you something that you know wasn’t expensive but it met a need because the giver just knew? Maybe you wondered to...


July 28, 2020

Update to Mask Requirements and Sunday Guidelines

By now you’ve probably seen that a new mask mandate is in place for the state of Indiana. You may have also seen that there are some exemptions for churches and on-stage speakers as a part of that, but we wanted to fill you in on how...


June 30, 2020

Regathering FAQs

We sat down with our Operations Pastor, Mike Morrow, to talk about everything you want to know about regathering at The Ridge. Can we still attend online?Absolutely. Our online service will be moving to 9:30am starting on Sunday, July 5...


June 12, 2020

Jerry's Blog: 4 Things I Appreciate About Melanie Klinker

Jerry Day

(This blog was originally written and shared in 2018. Since June 13 is Melanie's 15th work anniversary [yes, 15 years!], we wanted to celebrate her again!)Thirteen years is a long time to do anything. If you were going to faithfully serve as...